23 Apr

Registration for Village Sports Mites and Pre Mites is now open.

 Village Sports Mite and Pre Mite Registration for the 2018/19 season is now open.  You should know the team and color your child is registering for before clicking the link below.  If you are not sure what team your player is on, please email Megan Scott at www.meganscott2380@gmail.com.  All players will be required to register with USA Hockey during the registration process.  This is an insurance requirement for all players.

Register Here for Mites

Register Here for Pre Mites

Registration for Bill Grays Mite Program will be open Tomorrow, Tuesday April, 24.

8 Feb

Coalition Announces Spring Hockey and August Training Camp Dates

The ROC Coalition includes as a part of its development program both a spring Clinic / Game Program and an August Training Camp.  These programs are a mandatory part of the Mite / Squirt / Pee Wee Coalition Tier I and Tier II Teams.  They are also available to other Coalition Teams as an optional addition to their hockey program.

Coalition Spring Hockey Program  (Week of 4/16/18 through Week of 6/5/18)

Program Overview

This program is 8 weeks long and includes one Clinic and one Game each week.     Clinics are fun, unique and  include obstacle courses and skill development games.  Evolve training staff run each clinic to insure maximum skill development for each player.  Clinics are offered on Mondays and Tuesdays to work around players spring sports schedules.

The clinics will not only offer advanced skill development opportunities, but also basic team concepts that will be used during the season by each of the Coalition Teams.  Team concepts will be modified based on age and ability levels.  The 8 week clinic program is unique to the Coalition and gives our players a definite advantage moving into next season.


 All Ages will be at Village Sports for the first four weeks and Bill Grays for the last four weeks.

Please Note!!  All Mites are now at Village Sports for first 4 weeks!!  Then Bill Grays for last 4 weeks.  This is a change from original schedule.

3 v 3 Games

Games are going to be played half ice this year.  Teams will be randomly mixed for each age group and have a maximum of 6 players on each team.  Games will be played on Wed / Thur / and Sundays.  Players select a day that works into their spring sports schedule.  Games will have regular referees but no coaching from the bench, just encouragement.

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Coalition August Team Training Camps (Mites through Pee Wee)

The Coalition Training Camps are mandatory component of the Coalition Program for all Tier I and Tier II first picked teams.  They are designed for the players to meet Coalition Staff, Team build with not only their team but other Coalition teams of the same age, and to jump start the team for the start of their season.  The Camp dates for 2018 are as follows:

Pee Wee Teams  (2006 / 2007) – Week of August 13th

Squirt Teams (2008 / 2009) – Week of August 20th

Mite Teams (2010 / 2011) – Week of August 27th

Please plan vacations around your players week of camp.

Bantam and Midget Teams will have Summer Training set up by their Coaches.